Episode 1! I’ve been wanting to do a podcast for a long time and time has just not allowed for it. And quite frankly, time still doesn’t allow for it, but I am going to just power through and like I do with most of my business decisions: f*** it, I’ll figure it out. And that’s kind of the basis for what has inspired me to be an entrepreneur and to create these virtual assistant courses for military spouses so they can create their own PCS friendly remote careers, either as freelancers, as entrepreneurs, as business owners, or just as virtual assistants working for an agency and making some side income to help their families. So this podcast is going to have a plethora of information.

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We are going to talk about everything from military, spouse life, military life, creating a stable life work-life balance for yourself as a work from home military spouse, whether that is a freelance virtual assistant, working for an agency, working for a corporation, running your own business, brick and mortar, digital, whatever that might be. And we are going to talk about the tech stack behind these different businesses and careers and opportunities. We’re going to talk to other military spouses who have started their own businesses, who have learned what the best practices for running their businesses, for being a creative marketing, virtual assistant, trends in marketing, things you need to look at for your clients or for yourself as you go through marketing and go through developing strategies for your own clients or for yourself. So in the WFH Milspo Movement Podcast we’re going to talk marketing, business growth, client management, and then we’re also going to bring in military life because that is very much a part of our lives.

How does military life affect us as military spouses?

It quite frankly dictates most of our lives. I recently saw a real from a military spouse who, I cannot remember her name, but I see her all the time through what I’m doom scrolling on Instagram. And she had a comment from somebody who said, “It’s cool that you’re military spouse but you don’t need to make it your whole identity.” And she was like, actually, I do, because it runs literally every decision I make in my life. And that is so very true for us military spouses that military life dictates where we send our kids to school, where we live, the cost of living, how much our groceries cost, it dictates our jobs, our childcare, who our kids are friends with, who we are friends with, what sports they play, what activities they’re engaged in. It dictates so much of our life.

I sit in here in Okinawa, Japan where my office is in my dining room, and I can tell you from experience that the military dictates so much of our lives. And part of what I do with the WFH Milspo and my own creative marketing firm is to provide these opportunities. And I have a very strong passion for creating these work from home opportunities for military spouses. I feel that entrepreneurship and having these remote work from home opportunities is one of the best ways to create a stable and happy military life for yourself. In turn, it is beneficial to the military in general because you will retain great service members when their spouse is happy and their family is happy, and part of happiness is having this personal and professional goals.

The Unspoken Expectation of the Military Spouse

The thing for me is that the military as a whole kind of has this unspoken expectation that there’s going to be somebody at home taking care of the home front and somebody who’s going to be the primary caretaker of the kids, somebody who’s going to be taking care of the home, and managing the household.

If you’re not dual military, the non-military member is often the one who is expected to flex their schedule, their time, and their job to meet the needs of the military. Many military spouses are left asking what is the military doing to support us? If you guys want us to be flexible in our jobs and flexible in our time and be able to move every three years, what are you doing to help make sure that we’re able to do that? Some of these military sponsored programs do help with that, but they’re not meeting military spouses where they’re at and the needs that they have.

In my Facebook group of almost 10,000 military spouses I often see the same questions and needs from spouses looking for work: I need something that doesn’t require childcare, that has flexible hours, that is PCS-friendly that I can do from home. and I don’t need a special degree.

How the Military Isn’t Meeting Military Spouses Where They Are At

I have felt for a long time that the military community, meaning the red tape, the bureaucracy side of it, throw spaghetti at the wall when it comes to military spouse employment. They know it’s an issue. Their statistics say it’s an issue. Statistics say that 34% of military spouses are underemployed that 70 something percent of military spouses are unemployed, that we have specialized programs that focus on military spouse employment.

There are so many wonderful programs that the military does have to support military spouse employment including Blue Star Families, Hiring Our Heroes, MyCAA, and the license reimbursement program. I’m so supportive of and I do think it’s going in the right direction, but it’s not meeting military spouses where they’re at now.

All of these programs are great, but they also have huge pitfalls and a lot of those pitfalls are the biggest things keeping military spouses from gaining employment. These pitfalls include childcare. Childcare not only is difficult to secure from duty station to duty station CDC lists are crazy long, and then you also fall under those who are dual military who have a top priority and those parents who are both working full-time.

If you don’t have a full-time job, you go lower on the list. If you’re only part-time, you’re going lower on the list and then even lower if you are not yet working and looking for a job. So getting childcare is really difficult to find and then finding it in your new duty station. If you aren’t going through the CDC and you’re trying to find childcare out in town, that’s scary for one because you don’t know anything about these people and you don’t know what kind of oversight they have. And two, it can be really expensive and you’re also having your child go from one daycare place to another, which is a huge change and shift for very young kids. So that’s one of the biggest struggles is childcare.

And then just the expense. I don’t even know if that needs to be explained, but the cost of daycare, even at the CDC, although your rate is based on rank, it is expensive. That is a huge portion of someone’s income coming out just to have your kids in daycare and then don’t even get me started on daycare outside of base — how expensive it is.

The other thing to consider is every time you move with all of those military sponsored programs is you have to find a new job each time you PCS. Most careers, even the ones through USA jobs.gov are not remote friendly unless they start out remote friendly, meaning that you still have to find a new position.

Even if you are working from remotely, childcare is often required because they won’t allow you to with your kids at home so that you’re still having to find childcare even if you’re working remotely. And that can be a struggle too, especially if you’re working remotely and you were allowed to take it to your next duty station.

What if you have to move OCONUS, but your job is east coast time and you can’t? Do you swap your times where you are staying up all night and your family is up during the day? Is that going to be flexible for you?

Being a Creative Marketing Virtual Assistant is the Perfect Job for a Military Spouse

The mission of The WFH Milspo virtual assistant courses, this podcast, and my virtual assistant agency Milspouse Virtual Solutions, is to meet military spouses where they’re at. We are creating opportunities for spouses to have PCS-friendly remote careers as virtual assistant by running their own business as a freelancer or working for an agency.

It’s a win-win. When your family is happy, the service member is going to be happy and he or she is going to be focused on the mission and not looking for the best way out to give their family some happiness and some stability.

A creative marketing virtual assistant allows you to have:

  • Flexible hours (work at times that works for you and your family)
  • PCS-friendly- you don’t have to stop working or find a new job when you move
  • OCONUS-friendly
  • No childcare needed
  • No special degree needed
  • 100% remote

It is basically everything that a military spouse is looking for in employment, wrapped up in a neat little bow.

Becoming a Creative Marketing Virtual Assistant

In our next episode we are going to talk about the skills you need to become a creative marketing virtual assistant, and what it looks like to be a creative marketing VA. But if you’re itching to learn more now, you can watch this webinar I did on what it means to be a creative marketing VA and how it is a “unicorn” position.

If you’d like to learn more about the WFH Milspo Movement and our courses, you can check out or membership options here and join a community of military spouse creative marketing VAs.