I keep hearing it over and over again in the military spouse Facebook groups- “I applied to be a virtual assistant but I didn’t get hired as a creative marketing assistant because I don’t have experience.”

But there are options to get hired as a creative marketing assistant!

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Back when I first started as a VA (or as I like to call it, a creative marketing assistant) these roles were pretty rare. I’m totally dating myself, but remote work wasn’t really a “thing” then, and marketing was just getting started on social media. Heck, Twitter was brand new and Instagram wasn’t even around yet. 

But now, with the new era of remote work and the digital marketing stage, more and more people have the experience small businesses need in a virtual assistant/creative marketing assistant. Which means that they are going to look for candidates that have the actual skills they need rather than someone new to the game. 

That is one of the reasons I started with web design, email marketing, branding, and SEO for the WFH Milspo courses- because these are the MARKETABLE and VALUED skills small businesses are looking for. These are the ones that will make you stand out from other VA’s. These are the ones that are so integrated with one another that it’s best to have a comprehensive knowledge of  how web design, email marketing, branding, and SEO all work together rather than just learn one.

That is why I created the WFH Milspo Masterclass in the way that I did- so you can learn all of these highly marketable skills in a one-stop shop and become the “unicorn” virtual assistant that many people are looking for in their small businesses. I wanted to make it easier for you to get hired as a creative marketing assistant. I can’t even begin to explain how much of a mental load is lifted when you have a virtual assistant or marketing assistant who knows how to do it all, and does it all well. And that is exactly what business owners are looking for.

Getting Hired as a Creative Marketing Assistant or Virtual Assistant

Getting hired as a creative marketing assistant or virtual assistant is one of the biggest things that people worry about when taking the leap into becoming a creative marketing virtual assistant. After all, you’re investing time and money into these skills and you don’t even know if anyone will hire you.

There are no shortage of small businesses and solo-entrepreneurs who need marketing assistants. As I mentioned above, every business needs a digital footprint and that’s where marketing assistants come into play. Marketing assistants can help small businesses and solo entrepreneurs grow their businesses by working on social media, creating landing pages, doing lead magnets, writing email copy and creating email campaigns, and so much more.

Some businesses like to find independent freelance virtual assistants and some prefer to work through an agency. So as a creative marketing virtual assistant, you could work either as a freelancer or with an agency to find clients.

Working for an Agency as a Virtual Assistant

I recommend working for an agency if you are a brand new creative marketing virtual assistant. The reason behind this is that with an agency you don’t have to do all the leg work to find a client. You aren’t promoting yourself on social media, you aren’t sending contracts and proposals, and invoices. You aren’t keeping track of your budget and finances except for your payments. You are just handed a client and do the work. It takes all of the mental load of being a freelancer off of you so you can focus on the tasks, the work, and the skills.

There are several military spouse owned and hiring friendly virtual assistant agencies:

When you take The WFH Milspo Masterclass in our Elite or our Lifetime Access membership you will get a completion certificate that you can show to the hiring agency to showcase your newly learned skills.

However, many of these agencies require that virtual assistants and marketing assistants come into the position with actual experience. They want people to have worked with clients before on different platforms and systems, and have a proven track record. This can make it even harder to get hired as a creative marketing assistant when you’re just starting out.

Breaking into the marketing assistant world as a brand new virtual assistant can be hard. Finding clients is stressful, especially when you don’t have a portfolio to show for it.

That is why we teamed up with Aura Digital Consulting to create Milspouse Virtual Solutions. MVS is a VA agency for the students of The WFH Milspo courses. Once a student completes our Masterclass, they will be eligible to apply to MVS. Our goal is to give each VA with Milspouse Virtual Solutions their very first client so they can start gaining experience without needing to have experience first. This makes it way more achievable to get hired as a creative marketing assistant.

Finding Clients as a Virtual Assistant

If the idea of working for another company just ain’t your thang, that’s ok! Being a freelance virtual assistant is completely do-able. When you are brand new to the work of creative marketing it can be alot harder to get hired as a creative marketing assistant, but it’s not impossible.

Here are some suggestions on how to find clients and get hired as a creative marketing assistant:

  • Facebook!- Ok maybe I’m dating myself here but ya’ll, Facebook is THE WAY to find clients. There are so many small business Facebook groups out there that you can join. When you see someone ask for a VA, comment with your website (that you’ve built in The WFH Milspo Masterclass!) and your contact information.
  • Network- This is another big, Donald Trump HUGGEE, way to find clients. Anytime you talk to anyone new, tell them what you do and the skills you have. Give them a 30 second elevator pitch. Even if they don’t need a virtual assistant they might know someone who does. Pretty much 90% of my business has come from word of mouth and referrals through networking.
  • Create a fake portfolio- Ok, so you’re saying “But Lauren, I don’t have any work to show potential clients. How can they know what I can do?” Well, my friend, fake it til ya make it. And I quite literally mean that- create a fake portfolio until you can make a real one! This is what I’d do:
    • Create a fake brand…or have ChatGPT do it- Head over to ChatGPT and ask it to give you a fake brand in an industry you’d be interested in working with
    • Create a logo and brand board for that brand
    • Create a small website
    • Set up an email marketing campaign and lead magnet
    • Create social graphics
    • BOOM you have a portfolio FULL of skills to showcase a client. And honey, they don’t have to know it isn’t real!
  • Promote yourself on social media- One of the “duh” answers to finding clients is create content on social media. Reels, graphics, etc. This gives your potential clients a sense of trust and reliability that you are a real business and a real brand- not just some person on the other side of a keyboard they are paying hoping that you’ll be reliable. When they can see who you are, they are more likely to trust you and you get hired as a creative marketing assistant.

The WFH Milspo Movement Membership is designed to help military spouses just like you create PCS-friendly, remote careers as creative marketing virtual assistants. Careers that meet you where you’re at. Careers that:

  • Are remote
  • Are easy to move…even OCONUS
  • Don’t require childcare
  • Don’t require a special degree
  • Don’t require you to find a new job each time you move

Once you have the skills, you will be able to work with clients all over the world helping them grow and scale their small businesses.

The WFH Milspo Movement Membership

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