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INTRODUCING Milspouse Virtual Solutions

Milspouse Virtual Solutions was created in partnership with
the WFH Milspo and Aura Digital Consulting.

This is a place where our students can find real work experience as soon as they complete the WFH Milspo Masterclass, giving them experience and helping them to build their portfolio as creative marketing virtual assistants.

How it Works

When a student completes their Masterclass they will be eligible to work as a new creative marketing virtual assistant with us at Milspouse Virtual Solutions. You will complete a VA intake form and we will then be able to match you with a client of your very own!

We handle all the client management, invoicing, and contracting with the client so you can focus on your new role as a creative marketing virtual assistant.

You will also have the support of our membership community and the team at Aura Digital Consulting to help you when you need it.

Join The WFH Milspo Movement and become a Creative Marketing Virtual Assistant

Our membership options make it affordable to learn the skills you need to become a creative marketing virtual assistant, and give you on-going training and resources to help you find a job and work with clients. 

Here's what our course options are:

The WFH MilSpo Course Masterclass

By far our most popular course, the WFH Milspo complete course package gives you web design, email marketing, branding, SEO, business tools and tips, and guest expert advice. 


3 web design platforms

I will teach you WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace design. 

3 email marketing platforms

I will teach you Mailerlite, Mailchimp, and Flodesk design, automations, and connection to different web design platforms. 


Learn how to create a simple logo and a brand board for your clients. 


Learn how to do basic SEO  to set your clients up for success. 

Business Tips and Advice

Learn how to organize clients, invoice, draw up contracts, and learn from guest experts in taxes and business formations. 

Access to Milspouse Virtual Solutions

Application to our agency is exclusive to Masterclass students

20% off future courses

We want to help you continue to grow, so we offer 20% off any course you want to take in the future. 


Mini Masterclass

Our Mini Masterclass is just a little tast of what it’s like to be a creative marketing virtual assistant. 


Wix Website Design

A free and easy web design created in an easy-to-use platform. 

Email Marketing with Mailerlite

Learn how to connect it to your website, create a campaign, and create an automation. 

Social Media Management

One of the most common VA tasks. 

SEO Basics

Learn the basics of SEO to optimize your website and blogs.


Is your spouse an E-5 or below?

Providing accessibility to remote, PCS-friendly careers is important to me. 

That is why I offer special scholarship opportunties to spouses E-5 and below to take the WFH Milspo Courses and start their career in becoming a virtual marketing assistant.