Places to Work as a Virtual Assistant The WFH Milspo Coffee and computer keyboard on a desk next to a notebook

Places to Work as a Virtual Assistant

The whole reason you’re taking this course is so that you can find real employment in the digital media and marketing space. There are quite literally hundreds of places that hire creative marketing virtual assistants, but they can be hard to find if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Here are a list of a few that I know, trust, and love:

  • Wise Advise
  • Groove VA
  • Freedom Makers
  • Squared Away
  • InstantTeams
  • VirtForce
  • Jennifer Allwood’s BizAssist
  • Virtual Gems
  • Iris Partnering
Some of these companies have open hiring, and some are only available when they have openings. So be sure to check back frequently to see if there is anything open for you.

The WFH Milspo partners with Wise Advise and Groove VA, but the partnership does not guarantee employment. This is a partnership in which the two agencies recognize the skills you have as a student of The WFH Milspo and are able to better align you with an open position if you pass other areas of their application and employee screening process! But it gets your foot in the door as a highly qualified applicant!
In addition, once you have your certificate of completion, you will have access to our student job board. This job board is only for students of The WFH Milspo course, and job posters will be looking just for creative marketing virtual assistants like you. 

My goal with each and every one of my students is not just to get them through the course- but it’s also to ensure they find employment afterwards! 

Patricia, a recent student of mine, find a job within about a week of finishing the course. 

Sarah found a job with a VA agency two days after she completed the course. 

Jenna, one of my earliest students, started her own freelance business and has already seen steady $5k months.

And I know this is possible for you, too. 

The WFH Milspo Masterclass is self-paced, but if you’re motivated, you can complete the course in as little as a week. However, with kids and life, most people take about 3 weeks to complete the course. 


So in just three weeks (or less) you can have a whole new career that is PCS friendly and flexible to your lifestyle. 

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Places to Work as a Virtual Assistant The WFH Milspo Coffee and computer keyboard on a desk next to a notebook
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